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500 gallon Vendome Copper Column Pot Still

We use a 500 gallon ‘Armangac’ style pot still, custom made by Vendome Copper and Brass Works in Louisville, Kentucky. This steam powered still offers us the versitility to work with a variety of products both fruit and grain derived. Broad copper surfaces in the distillation vessel are essential. Copper binds sulfur compounds in the wine both natural and added, precipitating them as copper sulfate. It also helps eliminates cyanide and benzaldehyde groups which can give distillates a bitter almond flavor.

40 gallon Jacob Carl Stainless Steel/Copper bottom Column Pot Still

We also use a 40 gallon Jacob Carl pot still for smaller runs. This still has a stainless steel façade for durability, but contains all copper components in the pot and column. With a smaller capacity we can craft individual lots as small as 20 gallons for formula development and specialty products. All of our equipment is meticulously maintained and serviced regularly to ensure hygenic conditions and optimal performance.

550 gallon Yabuta Stainless Steel Vacuum Still

We also operate one of the few vacuum stills in the United States. This unique apparatus allows us to distill your grape and fruit wines at temperatures much lower than in a traditional pot still. Lower distillation temperatures facilitate little alteration of primary aromas created during fermentation, and yield a brandy with bright, clean flavors and aromatics that are a true expression of the fruit.

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